After an impromptu decision just to book flights to Malaga, Spain while waiting at the airport, my partner decided to Google, things to do in or around Malaga.

Various water sports popped up, so after a few more searches, we came across Tarifa Sports who, after a quick call, booked everything from the airport transfer, accommodation in a very quirky town house in the centre of Tarifa, our kite lessons, and even a trip to Gibraltar on our rest day (no wind).

Can’t recommend this firm enough, we are now booking a winter trip to their winter retreat in Bansko where we shall again take up another new hobby, skiing/snowboarding, again they have booked it all for us, except flights.

Pete & Carla, Midlands, UK

Nice beach, nice instructor, the location is perfect. I really enjoy my time to kite here. Highly recommended to kite at Tarifa, Thanks all 😉

Steve E

It is exactly what we were looking for: a beautiful/comfortable hotel, friendly people and looking at the spot. Great breakfast to start the day. and THE WIND. I’ve travelled a lot for windsurfing before, and this is the most consistent wind I have ever experienced … it was like a steady 25 knots wind every day of our 2-week trip. My wife and I had so much time and fun on the water, it was like an all you can eat kiting buffet.

Between sessions we would hang out in our room watching the view, and jumping in the pool.

We took some lessons with their kite instructor, Kev, and our kiteboarding skills improved so much. Kev is a pro rider and instructor, and is the perfect instructor for any level.

It was our best kiteboarding trip ever and we will go back.

I took a couple of kite-surf classes with Tarifa Sports. First they gave me one small kite to practice on the beach. Then we moved to the sea to practice on the water how to control the real larger kite.  The next day I tried with the board but we were unlucky with the weather.

Small school, easy-going people, friendly instructor and reasonable price. It’s hard to think of a better place to learn kitesurfing :p

Tarifa is simply paradise! A MUST for kite lovers.  The old town is amazing and plenty of vegan and veggie places to eat.

100% Recommended!