Private lessons include the following:

  • A whole week of one-to-one lessons – just you and the instructor and the latest equipment
  • 10 hours of private lessons – 2 hours per day
  • 2-way radio helmet communication allowing you to talk directly to your instructor
  • If any days are unsuitable for kitesurfing e.g. no-wind days, we offer stand up paddle or surf lessons as an alternative.
  • A 1-hour sports massage to loosen aching muscles!
  • Accommodation for 7 nights with breakfast
  • A photo-shoot and video review of your experience
  • Transport to the beach if required.

Each stage is taught thoroughly but the conditions are often different so the most important thing is to progress at your own pace.   We will encourage you to gain the skills and confidence needed to enjoy kitesurfing at every stage.

This is by far the most comprehensive and quickest way to learn or to improve your kitesurfing skills.